Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are unavoidable; hence, Seema’s believes that the following policy will protect the interests of the clients and of the company. In any circumstance, this policy is merely a guide and Seemas Traders is not liable to follow this policy if the CEO of ‘Seemas Traders’ determines otherwise. Seema’s is not bound by this cancellation policy under exempting circumstances which are to be determined at the sole discretion of Seemas Traders.

When placing an order, the Client gives his or her consent to abide by the rules stipulated within this policy & the general policies of Seemas Traders. We accept no liability for clients when in violation of any of the regulations within the policy.

Cancellation of Online Orders

  1.     No cancellation of customized online orders.
  2.     No cancellation of urgent or dispatched online orders. 

All other circumstances not foreseen by the management will have a minimum of 25% dedication from the advance of the total amount or as per the CEO’s discretion.